CEO's Message

Atul Chaturvedi CEO, Agri Business

Adani Agrifresh has redefined the way apples are handled in India, and has been an industry game changer . In a country where there is humongous wastage of fruit and vegetables owing to lack of cold chain facilities Agrifresh is a shining example of how a well-integrated F&V supply chain can be a boon not only to the farmers and consumers, but also to the  nation.


Our investment in 3 Controlled Atmosphere (CA) facilities in the apple growing areas of Himachal Pradesh  has benefitted close to 15,000 farmers in getting the right value for their produce in a transparent manner. They no longer need to travel to Delhi and Chandigarh being dependant on the commission agents to sell their apple in a highly opaque system. Our Farmer Service Centres (FSC) provide agri inputs, soil testing facility and extension services to farmers to enable them grow the best quality apples. Indian consumers, who were dependent on imported apples at a high cost in the off season, now get Indian apples that are crunchy and juicy throughout the year Needless to say, this supply chain has not only reduced losses, but has also saved a lot of foreign exchange for the nation. Our apple intervention in Himachal Pradesh has gone a long way in improving the lives of the farmers in the region.


Buoyed by our success , we are poised to make similar interventions in other fruits in the future.

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